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Best Share Market Training Courses in India

Stock Market Training Courses by NTA

Nifty Trading Academy known for modern stock market training and workshop designed many courses that cater the individual needs of every candidate. Both online and offline courses are provided by the certified professionals who know A-Z in Nifty.

Diploma in Technical Analysis Courses

We at Nifty Trading Academy provide training for both beginners and experienced traders. Our courses are the most effective and useful courses for stock market training and workshop. It provides basics, importance of technical analysis and comprehensive knowledge of financial market with the exposure of live trading market.

New Trend Decider Plus Workshop

Nifty Trading Academy new trend decider course with online workshop help participants to make right entry into market confidently, generate high profit and trade much superior than machines. This course includes trade introduction and analysis, basic buying and selling system, break outs, Multi top and bottom break outs with morning strategy, right entry, right stopLoss (SL) and right exit, importance of levels and lots more.

Advance Technical Analysis Course

Nifty Trading Academy is pioneering institute providing stock market live training courses with advanced workshops. The up-to-date analysis offer participants an insight about modern trading techniques. Real pricing action technical analysis course helps to develop comprehensive understanding and requisite strategies such as Opening Bell strategy, Dz and Sz strategy, TSL strategy, TDW strategy, Action Reaction strategy, After Market strategy and Nifty vs. Rising stocks.

Pure Profit Application

Our Pure Profit Courses offer with stock trading technical analysis software for serious investors helps to execute and manage everything perfectly. It helps to know where to put efforts, number of mechanical systems, numbers of proven system, understand fundamental things, result-oriented techniques and numbers of make plan. Stock trade software is provided with AMI broker software plug-in for one year, 2- 3 intraday pre-market stocks every day and 2-4 positional calls every week with demand and supply.

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