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About Online Nifty Trading Academy

About NTA

Nifty Trading Academy is the pioneer and best share market training institute in Surat located in Gujarat. Within two months, we have more than hundreds of satisfied clients across the world. We have a dedicated and skilled group of professionals who are the active participants and eager to go extra miles with clients to help them ride towards new journey of success.

We feel extremely proud to say that we are ISO 9001:2008 certifiedb> and India’s number one trading academy for Nifty (‘N’ational Stock Exchange F‘ifty) which delivers A to Z training in Nifty. We understand that trading with tension or lack of sufficient knowledge never earns profit even results into numbers of risks involved in trade. Therefore, we offer the most optimum solution through our best training programs that helps participants to get trained once and earn life time with better revenue.

How our training programs help you:-

• Develop skills to earn more profit
• Look at the market as a great earning opportunity always
• Trade bindaas in trouble-free and happily manner without any tension
• Build self-confidence for trading
• Enhance the ability to take well-informed and confident decisions
• Ultramodern trading techniques and comprehensive understanding about share market
• Becomes Independent of everything and stop seeking assistance for lifetime as you has modern technology now

Why to Choose Nifty Trading Academy?

• Both online and offline coaching options available
• Certified professional trader courses for stock market with top formula of intraday trading
• Repetition facility for slow learners who need more attention and learning
• World-class and high-tech facilities such as technical course material, audio/video projector system and etc
• Fully-equipped and air conditioned classrooms, cafeteria and mineral water
• 1 or 2 times query sessions and free webinars for clients
• All time five days technical analysis course with both theories and practical in current market
• Training in three languages (Hindi, Gujarati and English) is available

Get trained at Nifty Trading Academy to groom as a professional trader and enter into stock market with all requisite skills.

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